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Joe Flenner
(This might be a picture of me.)

He! Anglelingva pag'o ne estas sufic'e internacia. Mi insistas, Esperanto au' nenio.

I'm from Jackson, Michigan, the home of:
The world's largest manmade waterfall. (More information here.)
The world's largest walled prison.
The birthplace of the Republican party.
The Michigan International Speedway.
The Jackson Harness Raceway.
The Largo Adult Bookstore.
Joe Flenner.
and more!!!

Visit the Jackson, Michigan homepage.
Or the homepage of the Tourist Bureau. There's more pictures here.
Try the Chamber of Commerce for some demographics.

Do you like oranges???


Well, you should! It doesn't really matter if you don't, though.
However, look at that guy down there with the giant oranges rolling around his feet. He must be the coolest person in the world! If you don't like oranges, why aren't you more like him??

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Buy that man's giant oranges

Here's the number:. That sure is a lot.